Portrait artist Joseph Dea took my photo and tuned it into a piece of art looking more life like than the photo itself!

Louie Anderson - Los Angeles, CA LouieAnderson.com 

Joe, you do outstanding work that brings portraiture into the realm of the much-maligned but magnificent middle class. And I thank you for that...it has allowed me to have portraits made of all my grandchildren, and twice of the twins. I can't thank you enough, and hope we've created an as yet small enclave of "Joe Dea" fans in St. Louis, and that it grows by word of mouth! I wish you the best of luck, lots of love and continued success, Joe!

Kathy Engel - St Louis, MO

Hi Joe, I apologize for taking so long to write and thank you for the fabulous job you did on my family portraits. When I commissioned the first portrait of my late dad, it was because a school was named after him and they requested a portrait. It was magnificent and hangs at the front of the school. Everyone comments on what a beautiful portrait it is. 

Most recently I commissioned a portrait of my late mom as a birthday present for my brother (and one for me of course).  Your work was spectacular and every-time I walk past the portrait I smile. You truly captured my mom’s beauty, elegance and poise. 

I appreciate your immense talent and look forward to working with you again in the future. 

Jeanne Hollis - Roswell, GA

Thanks so much for the beautiful portrait of my dog Kiwi. My husband will be so happy to have this for his 40th birthday!!! Thanks for working with me on the coloring and background and taking my opinions into consideration. We worked well together and now I have a great memory. Thanks again. 

Jennie - NY

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I've sent your website link to a buddy of mine who just lost his wife. I was so impressed with the portraits you did of my daughters and my sister in law, that when he started talking about doing a memorial portrait of his wife, I knew he needed to come to you.

Thanks again for all your great work and your fantastic customer service. I know it sounds odd speaking about customer service when talking about art and portraits, but you're ability to figure out exactly what the buyer wants and make it happen is excellent as well as your communication with the buyer. None of that should be overlooked, and you've got it in spades.

Nick Lang - Fenton, MO

I wanted a special gift for a young woman who helped me enormously and I decided a portrait of her with her two beloved dogs would be the best idea. I was very skeptical though, since I had never commissioned a portrait from a photograph before. Also, the picture of her with the dogs was taken in a dim living room clogged with other people and furniture and I knew Joe would have to alter it completely. I asked if he could remove the living room and insert a sunlit lake and trees. When I received Joe's work I was absolutely stunned! The background he put in was astonishingly realistic and the subject and her dogs were flawlessly rendered. It was so gorgeous and seamless and perfectly composed. My friend was overjoyed when she received it and has cherished it for years. I used Joe again more recently for a pet portrait. A friend of mine recently lost her 17 year old cat and she was absolutely devastated. The cat meant the world to her. I couldn't send her flowers or a gift basket. I knew nothing would be helpful or consoling except for a portrait of her lost pet. Once again, Joe astounded me with his work. He did exactly what I requested and perfectly captured the cat's vivacity and coquettish spirit. He also did a great job of altering the background in that portrait as well, since it was cluttered with table legs and toys. Joe is a true artist and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him enough.

Alexandra Donati - New York, NY

Of all the Christmas gifts I've received in my life, none meant more than the excellent oil you did of my black lab, Remington. It's absolutely outstanding, and I sincerely thank you for your excellent work!

John Feeley - Rose Hill, IA

I just picked up the portrait of my horse today from the framers and am so excited to hang it on my wall! You did a beautiful job and I absolutely love it!  Thank you so much.

Jana Carlson - Thornton, CO

Our pet dog club commissioned me to have a portrait done of our outgoing President’s top winning Cavalier.  The original painter let us down, and I contacted Joe at the last minute.  He returned my phone call while he was hiking, patiently waited until I was able to get a high resolution photo e-mailed to him, and set aside the time to get the picture done and mailed to me in time for our National Show.  The painting was beautiful, so lifelike; he captured the dog’s soul.  The President and the club loved it.  Thanks so much Joe.

Katie Kennedy - Huntington, NY

I contacted Joe and told him what I had in mind. I wanted a single portrait of two of our pet dogs but I wasn't sure I'd be able to get a single great shot where both dogs cooperated.  He told me he'll be able to piece two photos together so that's what I focused on. He was so detail oriented in making sure he got the sizing right, down to comparing the grass height in both photos and asking me to send more photos just as a size reference to make sure both dogs were sized properly. He also altered the background a bit to complete the whole picture of perfection.  From the day I emailed him the photos to today when I received my finished piece of art it has only been exactly one week. Looking at it you would think he worked on it for weeks, it's truly that perfect! It looks more lifelike and realistic than some actual photographs I've taken!  His attention to detail and his desire to achieve perfection makes his work simply unbelievable! I'll be a repeat customer for sure.

Wendy Blackstone - Studio City, CA

I contacted Joe Dea before Christmas to do a complicated two photograph representative portrait of my wife Beth’s and my two pet dogs in a beach scene. We had a very high level of expectation and used Joe based on a personal recommendation.   We recently received the finished artwork and are absolutely ecstatic about the result. We’ll always have this beautiful portrait of our beloved dogs and absolutely could not be happier about Joe’s level of artistic excellence represented in our portrait.

Thank you so much, Joe.
Geoff Neuhoff - Jupiter, FL

Joe, Just wanted to let you know I received the painting and it looks great! My Dad, once again, is going to love his Christmas gift. I will let you know what he says.

Merridith Taylor - Dallas, TX

Hi Joe, My mom and her friends absolutely loved the Radar portrait. My mom, her friend and my boyfriend all want portaits so I'm sure you'll be hearing from them soon. Thanks again and Happy New Year

Angeal Brand - Highlands Ranch , CO

Joe: I just received the two pictures yesterday!  I love them both!  I showed everybody at the office how great they are!

Thank you again,

Jacqueline Plank - Sarasota, FL

I received my painting today and couldn’t be more pleased. You’ve turned a faded old photo of my mother when she was a young woman into a wonderful work of art I’ll be proud to give to my father for Christmas.  He has been alone now for some years, and I know it will bring back happy memories of when they met and of their life together.

Leeonardo P.Callister - Redwood City, CA

Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know that we got the pet painting today and we LOVE it!!!  We can’t wait to get it framed and hung on the wall.  It is even more beautiful than imagined and is something that we will be able to enjoy, treasure and share our entire lifetime.  And the painting is so life-like, it’s as though Augie is still here with us -- I’m positive another painting request will be coming some time in the near future.  

Cyndi Cunico - Mesa, AZ

When our friend's pet golden lab, Decoy, died suddenly from Leukemia, we wanted to give her and her husband something special to honor his memory. After visiting Joe's website, we knew this was the very special gift we wanted to give them as it would be a gift that they would treasure forever. We worked with her to pick out their favorite picture, but kept our surprise a secret. I e-mailed Joe the picture and he agreed it would be wonderful! I placed the order on Thursday, received the proof on Friday, and the picture was received in our office on Wednesday. It is absolutely beautiful! Decoy's spirit is captured in the beautiful painted strokes of rich colors and texture. We will be giving them the picture tomorrow and you better believe there will be many tears! You captured Decoy's spirit - he looks at peace in the picture and it gives comfort to know that he is running in the fields now and no longer in pain. This will be hung proudly on their family room wall for them to cherish for a lifetime! Thank you Joe for your help and support in making this gift a special one for our friends, Kristi and Ryan!

Teresa VanStratten - Eden Prairie, MN

Joseph Dea is a master at this ‘photo-to-painting’ art form! I had studied numerous websites for a portrait artist for our Labradoodle dog and settled on Joe’s primarily due to the reasonable cost plus the sample portraits on his web site. The only digital photo I had showed our pet in front of our house siding with a door in the background. Joe worked his magic by transforming the background into an idyllic meadow. He created his masterpiece in only a few days and e-mailed it for my review. I was overwhelmed at its beauty and could offer absolutely no improvements. My wife will be totally surprised at Christmas and I predict many tears of happiness at this beautiful portrait. Well done, Joe.

David Benton – Powder Springs, GA

Joe, I finally got to see the portrait -- I was so impressed and pleased with it that Steve got an early Father’s Day gift. I couldn’t wait to give it to him and when I did, he got a little misty. Jake has always been a very special dog to Steve and his health has not been the best lately so that was mainly why I wanted to capture his “puppy look” in a portrait for Steve.  I wish you could have seen his face when he opened it!  It is a beautiful portrait of Jake and I can’t thank you enough!

Mary Moore - St. Petersburg, FL

When Joe had first sent me the proof of the portrait he had done for me.. I was speechless.. the photo I had sent him was from my mom and her father.. when she was only 5 or 6 years old.. the photo was at least 65 years old. It was her favorite.  I was initially concerned that it was a black and white and certainly not the highest quality, but when I viewed Joes' website I knew I found an artist, and thru emails I learned he was someone who truly cared about the end result. Pictures are what we are left with, they are precious, and treasured pieces that capture the brief moment in time. And Joe certainly understands that.  When I viewed the proof he sent... I was so taken back- there were no words.. just tears.  He took that old worn picture.. and turned it into a masterpiece (well in my eyes.. and I am sure my moms' as well!) Joe, I want to "thank you" so much for your work, your talent, your patience and your high level of service. And for those of you that are thinking about having a picture done, don't hesitate!  You will be completely satisfied!!

Bridget Feldra - North Hills, CA

Dear Joe, Our family presented the portrait you did of my Mother and Father to my Mom on Christmas. As you'll recall my Dad passed away earlier this year and my Mom has had a tough time working through her grief.  All 30 to 35 of us, her children, their spouses and her grandchildren gathered around her with Kleenex and cameras in hand to catch the moment.  She had no idea what was in the big box and made several guesses as she tore off the wrapping.  When she pulled it out her initial reaction was one of shock.  The lifelike image of my father literally took her breath away.  Of course the tears followed and the rest of us, feeling her emotion, followed suit!  The rest of the family had not seen the portrait and all were overwhelmed at the result. My Mom has placed the portrait in a place where it's the first thing she sees in the morning and the last thing she sees before she goes to bed at night.  She is absolutely thrilled with it.  She just commented yesterday that it looks as though my Dad is going to come right through the picture.  This gift has brought comfort to her and for that we thank you.  As for the other portrait you did of our pet dog, Jaime......My partner sobbed when she opened it.  I've never seen her so moved.  For once she was speechless!  It is the best gift I could have ever given her.  Joe, your talents are a gift and I know you've touched many in so many ways with this gift of yours.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.  You made the entire process so very easy. Thanks again. 

Sue Mackey - Cincinnati, OH

Hi Joe. I just wanted to say thank you so much for producing such a gorgeous picture of our dog Toby.  My brothers and I had it framed for our parents -- It's now sitting on the mantel above the fireplace.  You made them very, very happy.  Thank you for doing the great work you do and I will be sure to forward your name on to many others.  

Alicia J. Furman - Long Branch, NJ

Joe, we got the picture last Saturday, but my sister waited until today to open it so that I could be with her. We were both in a state of shock. You really did a beautiful job, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing it so fast and so beautifully. I will be sending your e-mail address to many, because of your talent and your professionalism. Thanks again, I have a feeling I myself will be sending you more work.

Anne Cella - Silver Spring, MD

Working with Joe to create a portrait from a sentimental family photo was a positive experience in every way. Joe was kind and communicative throughout the entire process; he responded promptly and insightfully to questions and suggested subtle changes to complement the image. He then developed these ideas into a beautiful work of art and had it delivered to our door in a timely manner. Joe combined both artistry and professionalism to create a unique and beloved heirloom, which our family will enjoy and appreciate for years to come.

Michelle Vandenbos - Puyallup, WA

Just received the cat portrait and I am amazed!! It looks fantastic. I can't wait to have it framed and surprise my wife. I will be sure to send you a picture of the framed finished product. Once again, Great Job!!

Andy Hinkle - Virginia Beach, VA

Hi Joe, I absolutely love the portrait. You did a great job with the background. I will keep you in mind for future projects. You have made this a very easy and pleasant experience. Thank you so much.

Suzanne Thompson - Grand Junction, CO

The portrait of Sampson just arrived today.  It looks fantastic!! I will be referring all my friends to you for portraits.  Thanks Again!

Scott Kittleson - Blaine, MN

Thank you so much for the wonderful painting of Michael, John, me and the Foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. You magically took a loved but old and faded photograph and turned it into a family treasure.  Next time you are in the San Francisco Bay area I'll take you walking into those beautifully portrayed foothills.

Peter Robison - San Francisco, CA

The portrait you created of my Mother and Father is what memories are made of. How you capture every detail all the way from the skin tone, hair color and features is extravagant. Looking up at the portrait gives me a sense of comfort. I feel as if he is standing beside me appreciating the fabulous work of art.  You have lessened our load of grief many of days, when the tears start to flow. Your work will go on for generations in our family, to my kids, grand kids, and great grands, etc. Your are a master. I hope one day you will be blessed to receive a gift as great as the one you gave us. Your work will always be  greatly ADMIRED and APPRECIATED in aw. Once again THANK YOU. There are few words our family can describe to help you understand part of the emptiness your work as filled.

Renee Davis - Jacksonville, FL

Hi  Joe, The portrait arrived yesterday and it is wonderful.  It is  off being framed now and I can't wait to see it once it is all done.   It will be a great Christmas present and I am anxious to give it.   Thanks again for a beautiful job!!!!

Irene - NH

Thank you so much for such a wonderful portrait! Joe accommodated my urgent request to have the portrait done and shipped to me in time to propose to my girlfriend for Christmas. It surprised me to see how professional Joe is, and the portrait was done very quickly, and turned out better than i ever could have imagined. The portrait turned out excellent, and both my fiance and I love the portrait. Thank you so much for making such a perfect Christmas for me and my new Fiance. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a realistic, amazing looking painting. Thanks a lot!

Josh Waitman Bellevue - WA

My husband surprised me for Christmas with the most magnificent portrait of our three pugs! You started with a photo of a perfect summer day at the park with my family and gave it life, character, and depth. When I look at the portrait, I see everything that I love most about my boys, and remember everything I love most about the family that I have. Your portrait will soon take its rightful place above our fireplace. Thank you

Kendie Schlecht -- Irvine, CA

We lost our 12 1/2 year old golden retriever dog a couple of months ago. He was a wonderful dog and treasured member of our family. I decided that having a portrait of "Max" would make an excellent Christmas gift for my husband (and myself)!  After searching the internet, I contacted Joe Dea and forwarded him a couple of potential pictures to see if he thought they would make a great portrait. Joe was prompt in contacting me and was very helpful with suggestions and in working with me. I received the portrait very quickly and just love it! I can't wait for my husband to get it for Christmas! He will be thrilled, I know!  I can highly recommend Joe - I was unsure what to expect but was exremely happy with the portrait and the entire process.

Terri Hare - Edmond, OK

I received the portrait today and wow! You did a fantastic job! The website simply cannot capture the beauty of the finished product on canvas--it is absolutely perfect! Thanks again! I will gladly refer others to your site.

Michael R. Powell - Los Angeles, CA

Hi Joe, Just wanted to let you know my dad absolutely loved the painting you did of his Porsche! Just seeing his face in amazement made my Christmas. Thank you for getting it done so quickly. Next up are my dogs!

Meredith - Dallas, TX

The portrait arrived today and is FABULOUS!! Thanks so much for getting this done so quickly. I had planned on giving this to my friend for Christmas, but because you got it to me so fast I can give it to him for his birthday, which is on Thanksgiving this year. You can bet I'll be sending you more photos to work your magic on.

Pat Spratt - Chicago, IL

Thank you, Joe, for the spectacular painting you produced for my family! Bringing a black and white photo to vibrant life and positioning it next to a current picture, to celebrate 50 years of marriage was an amazing feat! Your artistic talent and craftsmanship will be enjoyed by all for years to come. Now I'm looking for any reason to have another painting created by you! I heartily recommend your work to everyone! Again, thank you for the happiness you have brought to our household!

Karen Reimer - Santa Ana, CA

Hi again Joe, I told you I would get back to you with a testimonial after I gave this as a gift at Christmastime. I gave it to my boyfriend as a gift and a memorial tribute of Duke, since we lost him this past fall. He is a beloved 11 year old Irish Setter, who was a member of the family! He was a wonderful part of life and had a great spirit which was captured in this portrait beautifully! We will always miss him dearly, but at least now, his spirit and playfulness will always live on as a part of our family room -- a room he loved to be in with us!! This way, he can still be there with us daily! Thank you for your prompt and caring service to get it to me on time and with much thought and quality! I will recommend you to others in the future! Thanks again,

Marty Glidden - Malvern, PA

We were fortunate to have had Leo our standard poodle with us for 13 years, he was an amazing family member, after he had past away we missed his presents in our home so much we decided to look into getting a portrait made to hang up in our living room. I had searched the web and found portraits-by-joseph.com. I was amazed at the pictures I saw on the site so I contacted Joe and worked on getting him some pictures for him to work with. After about two weeks we received an unbelievable portrait of our dog which now hangs in our living room for my family to cherish forever. We receive so many complements from friends and family, I have seen many portraits in the past but this is something special. Thank you Joe for keeping Leo in our lives.

Steve Silano - Cedar Grove, NJ

I was looking for a unique gift for my girlfriend's 50th birthday when I came across Joe's web site. I thought the images on his site were the best of the 30+ other sites I had visited and his prices were by far the most reasonable. Factoring in Joe's "100% satisfaction or your money back" guarantee, I ordered my first portrait. When the portrait arrived in the mail, it far exceeded all expectations. It was hard to believe this was actually a painting!! I subsequently ordered another portrait from Joe which he custom created from instructions I provided. Again, the results were better than anything I could have hoped for. I'm sure I'll be contacting Joe the next time I want to transform a favorite photo into a truly beautiful work of art.

Jack P. - Dillsburg, PA

After the loss of my dad last September, I wanted to give a special gift to my mom at Christmas. I decided to a have a painting made from one of Mom's favorite photographs of the two of them together in the Texas bluebonnets. When I was unable to find an artist to do an original painting and pressed for time, I quickly found Joe online and was intrigued by what he could produce from just a small photo. Joe was able to enhance my photo and turn it into a work of art. I was impressed by the ease of communication which enabled us to adjust the image until it was exactly the way I envisioned it. Unwanted background objects were removed, the sky was cleared to a beautiful blue and my dad's windblown hair was even tamed to perfection. The details are amazing and colors vibrant. It looks like an original painting. Joe’s prompt service to get this done and delivered by Christmas saved the day! This was such a meaningful gift for my mother and is hanging in a prominent place to be seen daily. It is something that will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come and then handed down.

Wade Kitts - Round Rock, TX

I was frantic over the holidays to get a portrait done of my nephews. I contacted Joe Dea on his website and was pleasantly surprised when he said that he could accomplish getting me a portrait in the holiday timeframe. I had never done anything so personal over the internet, but working with Joe really was very professional and much to my surprise personable. My portrait was shipped before Christmas and I was very happy with the outcome.

Michelle Everson - Huntington Beach, CA

I could not have been more pleased with the outstanding quality of the final product delivered by portraits-by-joseph. He took a great picture from a vacation of a life time and turned it into a family heirloom. Thank you Joe.

Richard in Atlanta, GA

I just got the painting. I ABSOLUTEY LOVE IT!!!!!! My mother is going to be so surprised for Christmas, I can hardly wait. I will definitely be in touch. I have 2 kitties and would love to get a painting of them also in the future. Your work is tremendous! Thanks again so much!

Marcy Gustovich - Fredericktown, PA

I found the whole process much simpler and more straightforward than I expected because of your efficient, personal and friendly service. We are delighted with the result.

Catriona Lees - Little Rock, AR

My father-in-law, George, cried when he saw the portrait of Luke and has it hanging in a place of honor in his home. Also, we have another dog that was close to Luke and he started barking when he saw it. Everyone that sees the photo loves it, you did an awesome job!!! Good luck with your site. I will be ordering from you again when I get a picture that I really like of my horses.

Chris Vandewater - Carlsbad, CA

I received the painting of the portrait of my husband and I yesterday. Thank you for an outstanding job. The turnaround and the quality of the service is superb. It's one of my husband's favorite pictures of our Wedding Day and when I give it to him on Valentine's Day, he will love it even more. Job well done! What a way to remember our special day. When my co-workers saw it, they said they could hear our Wedding song playing. It looks so real!

Daisy Dickson - Clifton, NJ

I ordered a pet portrait as a gift and was very pleased. I got an immediate response and a proof within days of my order. Joe worked with me in making some revisions and delivered it to my sister promptly. This is a great gift!

Carolyn P - Saint Louis, MO

Working with Joe has been a pleasure. He not only did a fantastic job, but was more than willing to change a few things that I wanted, and the honesty to let me know what would and would not look good. I would work with him again.

Kermit Johnson - Seattle, WA

I sent Joe this photo requesting a different background and he did a marvelous job! He inserted this beautiful lake and perfectly captured the personalities of the young woman and her two dogs. He also shipped the portrait out to me precisely when he said he would and I was delighted with the final results. I would certainly think of him again if I wanted a another portrait done.

A. Donati

As a Christmas gift for my son-in-law, I wanted to give him a portrait of his mother. His mother had passed away when he was just a small boy. The only picture he had of his mother was really in bad shape, as some older photographs are. It was also done in black and white and I wanted one with color. I searched many local, and also many internet portrait makers. I found portraits by joseph. At first I was a little hesitant since this was an order over the internet. I contacted Joe and believe me that was the best move I ever made. The portrait Joe did for me was fantastic. The colors were great, the picture was clear, it was just so beautiful. Needless to say, when I presented my son-in-law with the portrait, there was not a dry eye in the house. This portrait by Joe is not only beautiful but it is a treasure for our family. Believe me, you could search all over but you will never find the quality and workmanship with which portraits-by-joseph puts in his portraits.

Becky Eller - TN

It has brought my family great pleasure.

C. Dobelstein - Alpharetta, GA

WOW! When I ordered the family shot from you, it was for a Christmas present for my mom. I knew before I saw it that she would be thrilled, simply because it included all the grandchildren. However, when she actually saw your work, tears came to her. Thank you for your quality work and the speed and professionalism with which you handled the whole process.

Brad Callahan - Crownsville, MD

The portrait that you provided is exceptional! You took an ordinary photograph and turned out an exceptional piece that captured Tyson's personality so well that everyone comments on it. Not only were you able to turn it around quickly, I was impressed as to how you kept me in the loop every step of the way. Thank you so much!

Cathy Fernandez - Smithsburg, MD

Hi Joe!! We LOVE the pet portrait of Lilah!! When I gave the portrait to my boyfriend, he was so happy and in awe at how great it came out. I appreciate how well you incorporated one of my boyfriends' favorite hobbies-POKER! I know that we will cherish this portrait forever. You were great about all the questions I had and the shipping was fast. The portrait is incredible and I will recommend you to eveyone I know. Thank you so much.

Judy - Landing, NJ

I just received the painting, what a great Christmas present. It turned out absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to have it framed. Many, Many, Many Thanks! I have all your info so I'm sure this will not be the last you hear from me.

Lavada Curry - Miramar, FL

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful portrait you did of Lilly. It is so lifelike. We had it professionally framed and it now hangs over our mantel and is a focal point in our livingroom. The entire process was simple and the finished product is a fine work of art. We are considering having portraits done of our other dogs. You do great work! Thanks so much.

Arlene Bartholomew - Southbury, CT

My experience with Joe Dea has been wonderful. I had a request for a painting of my first son and Joe over exceeded every expectation I had. He was expeditious, honest, and professional. I would definitely purchase another painting from Joe.

Anthony Ciaravino - Chicago, IL

Joe made a beautiful piece of artwork from a photo of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He paid attention to detail and was very attentive to my needs. Joe is truly a talented artist. I hight recommend Joe to anyone who would like a beautiful piece of artwork for a fraction of the price.

Natalie Lambert Boynton - Beach, FL

I gave the painting of B to my boyfriend for our anniversary on New Year's Eve. He absolutely loves it. His dog means the world to him and while he most likely won't admit it, he had tears in his eyes when he first saw the painting. Thank you so very much for all of your help, patience, and support. The painting is amazing and it means a lot to both of us. Thank you.

Rachael Fitzpatrick - Camby, IN

We presented it to my mother and father a week ago in front of 150 people. It went over great. Everyone was totally impressed. Thanks, It was a great experience for all and my mom and dad have an heirloom that will be in the family for generations. Joe did a terrific job. Everyone that saw the finished product was totally impressed. The turn-around time was extremely short and Joe was very professional. The painting exceeded everyone's expectations. I would certainly recommend Joe's work to anyone who is looking for an impressive piece of art to celebrate a special occasion or wants a unique piece for their own collection.

Ray Deininger - Tucson, AZ

Everyone absolutely loved it. My mom and dad have it displayed in a prominent spot in their home. It is near the front door so it regularly gets positive comments from visitors who happen by. I give the experience and results the highest marks.

Mark Streeter - USA

Working with Joe was an excellent experience. I sent him a picture of my parent's house to paint for their anniversary. The picture I sent was fuzzy and not of good quality, but Joe was able to accurately paint the house with immense detail. Not only did Joe follow up with me several times, but he made any changes I requested with great efficiency and care. The protrait came out wonderfully - my parents loved it and they will be able to forever remember this house for many years to come.

Casey Bottomley - Loganville, GA

The picture was absolutely gorgeous and the technique of digi-painting is so uniquely perfect for such a candid wedding photo. We have our painting beautifully framed on our living room wall in which the compliments are overwhelming. Joe was professional from the get-go. The whole process took about 2 weeks from start to finish ( to order and finalize the proofs), but has provided us with a life-time of visual enjoyment. Thanks Joe.

Andrea Linton - Springfield, PA

Having decided that we would present our boss with portraits of our corporate buildings for Christmas the next hardest thing to do was to get them done in less than three weeks. Well you made it happen...in less than 2 weeks!!! The enhanced skyscape, removal of clutter, and building touch-ups are undiscernible. They look great!!! Our boss loves them and has them proudly displayed in his office. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will keep you in mind for future personal projects.

Angela McKenna - Huntington, NY

My parents LOVED the portrait - I think they were extremely surprised! It was a great anniversary gift for them. We walked around the house and tried the portrait on various walls before settling for a place where it can be seen first thing when people come in the house! It was fun and I appreciate you helping make this a special celebration for them.

Kathy - Little Rock, AR

Your artwork is commendable and your turnover time is remarkable. I will be getting more in the future.....probably around Christmas time. Your reputation will be passed along if I should come across someone looking for artwork. Take Care and keep in touch!

Scott StMartin - Waterbury, CT

Joe did a wonderful job with a painting of our family dog, Nugget. The portrait was a birthday gift for my mom, and she absolutely loved it. He captured the details of her face so well.  I am new to the whole "painting/portrait thing", and Joe was very helpful from the very first step of picking the photo, to changing minor color details along the way, to giving me suggestions as to how to frame it.  In addition, he was very responsive to my emails and made me comfortable doing business on the internet. Thanks So Much, Joe, you really made this birthday a special one!

Jennie - White Plains, NY